Are you listening to me?

Has your pet ever told you something? I mean, chances are she didn’t speak it to you in the English language, but she let you know something was awry in her own way?  I had such an experience recently…

Earlier this week I was walking my dog on our usual loop when he started acting strange.  He’s just a puppy so most of the things he does I chalk up to puppy behavior; therefore, I usually correct the behavior and move on.  Well on this particular day, we rounded the corner of our walk where there is no sidewalk so we walk in a grassy area until we can catch the sidewalk again in about 100 yards. 

All of a sudden, I feel a tug on the leash behind me.  He had stopped.

He was licking and biting his back left paw.  “Come on boy, let’s go,” I say. 

We start walking again. 


He’s licking his right front leg just above the paw.  “What has gotten into you?  Let’s go, we’re only halfway through!”

We start walking again. 


He’s back to licking his back leg again.  Okay, okay, this is a persistent behavior.  I decided I should take a look at him…maybe he walked through a spider web, maybe there are some thorns from the rose bush he decided to plow through earlier in our walk, maybe he managed to scratch himself on something…

I look and what do I see but a nasty little deer tick climbing up his back left leg.  And another deer tick on his front right leg!  Instantly I felt like a bad mother for tugging him along as he tried to get the little parasites off of himself.  I pulled these ticks off, smashed them with a stone on the nearby sidewalk and then sat in the middle of the sidewalk giving my dog a full massage not once but twice searching for any other little tag-alongs.  Once I was somewhat satisfied, we resumed our walk and we were back to our usual peaceful walk.

Sometimes our pets are trying to send us a message and we silly humans miss it altogether.  Then, be it persistence on the pet’s part or the old “light-bulb going on” in our head, we realize what they are trying to tell us.  This happens with sickness, with bugs crawling or bug bites, potty times, and much much more.  Pay close attention to your pet…and the things she’s telling you.  What has your pet tried to tell you lately?




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