A Day in the Life of Spuds

As promised – our guest blogger today is Spuds – our hospital kitty who’s got a big birthday this month! :


I’m Spuds; some of you have seen me on the counter top where the girls work in the back. I wanted to let everyone know that I have a birthday this month and it’s a big one. I was told a long time ago I wouldn’t make it to two, well I have made it to ten and that’s a whole decade people! I was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia; which means I have limited space to breathe because my liver and stomach sit up in my chest near my lungs. I’ve been doing really well living here so I decided to share what a typical day is like for me.

            I have an elderly neighbor named Carolina that lives above me. She complains a lot and often tries to steal my food but she’s okay. I’ve known her since I was a kitten and we get along pretty well, sometimes we argue when one of us wants to sleep in the same bed and things can get a bit hairy. We hug it out and I usually end up giving her the bed, she has taught me how to share and to respect the elderly. Carolina is like the grandma-kitty I never had. Sadly Dakota is no longer here, he was a great old cat and I knew he was sick. He taught me a lot over the last few years; how to properly groom myself, which flavors of food were the best to savor and what sleeping positions were just perfect for sun catching. Dakota was like the grandpa-kitty I never had. His time finally came to an end and he was called to the big kitty bed in the sky. Carolina and I miss him very much.  Then there’s Gigi, she’s been here for several months waiting for adoption and I wish she would find a home. We sometimes get along but she’s really bossy and acts as if she’s royalty. I am actually older than her and she tells me what to do! What she doesn’t know is that sometimes when she’s off sleeping somewhere else I go in her cage and use her throne for a nap, I’ve learned to be a sneaky cat in my decade of living.

I’m usually awoken early in the morning by a beeping sound that is quite alarming and annoying.  It goes away pretty quickly and it’s my signal to begin my repetitive chirping and pawing to escape my prison they have called the “kitty condo”. Within a few short minutes the ladies come into work. I am finally released from my cage and bolt to freedom and await my delicious meal.  I’m treated to a succulent can of food with flavors bursting of salmon, chicken, or beef. Occasionally I have to wait for my morning meal while the ladies of the hospital attend to other cats and dogs. I maneuver and weave my way through their path where they’re walking in hopes they will stop what they are doing and feed me. When this happens, it feels like forever since I was released and still no food has been put in front of me. Once the temporary residents of the clinic have been taken care of I am finally given a feast fit for a king; a bowl of a delicious pâté is bestowed upon me.

After my morning meal I begin my rounds of checking out what the women of the hospital have going on. Someone is often in the room where dogs and cats have stuff done to their insides and wake up sleepy.  Another area I like in the morning is where a big machine is, it has buttons on it and it steams cloth- like squares. In this area there‘s a drawer with an array of toys to play with; long plastic items that bounce with a swift hit from my left paw, metal objects that clank with a whack from my right paw. I often take off carrying these prized possessions to a specially secured location known as “the banana box”. Some of the other ladies check on rooms, turn on machines and get ready for the morning dog and cat visitors. Later on I have my first siesta, either in my banana box, the pet bed that’s up on my counter, or in Queen Gigi’s bed.

A lot of you have probably seen me on the back counter in my bed or observing me doing a great impression of a gargoyle. I do see you looking at me from the clear boxes in the wooden swinging walls and I often wonder what you’re thinking, then I remember you’re looking at me because I’m so handsome and awesome.  I love walking in front of the girls while their working on the light box while they tap buttons.  I swat items like paper writers and plastic items with numbers on them.  I come across a lot of “get off the chart”, I call them these because every time I step on these papers they always yell at me and say “Spuds get off the chart!”  If I’m feeling frisky I’ll give someone a walk-by-batting to say hello or I might even give a little love bite to show that I’m thinking of them. 

In the afternoon I might take a brisk walk to see the ladies out front at the desk or take a casual stroll into the rooms throughout the clinic, I like to stretch my legs and get ready for the evening dog and cat visitors. In the evenings, I can be found on the back counter taking my second nap of the day or I’m up and getting in the way.  I really like bothering the ladies while they use their paper writers on “get off the charts”, it’s always an easy way to get attention.  I might see a dog walking past me going to a room where the ladies put on their gear to take pictures of their tummies, chests or legs.  Other times I see cats in carriers going to and from the back table to get their weight checked.  The ladies might even use a plastic tube with numbers on it and a spiked tip on the end to draw red fluid from them, most don’t even mind it because the girls do such a good job.

Before I know it things are getting quiet and I’m seeing less cats and dogs in the clinic.  I am ushered to bed only to act like I don’t want to go but knowing I have a dish of pâté waiting for me back at my humble abode and a super comfy bed that is too good to pass up.  I hear the latch close on the “kitty condo” and I know they have me in for another night, only to be released the next day to do it all over again.  


[a big thank you to Jennie our technician for being willing to transcribe Spud’s thoughts and comments]


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Spuds

  1. I’m one of the people that like to look at you through the clear boxes on the wooden swinging walls you’re right I am thinking about how handsome you are. Say hello to your girls for me and until I see you again keep purring.

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