Dog Days of Summer


I love summer, I really do.  What I don’t like about summer is having to leave Drago at home sometimes because it is too hot outside for him.  Drago lives for the outdoors.  He loves car rides too, and appears to enjoy people-watching from the car while I grocery shop.  Today, in Pennsylvania it was over 90 degrees farenheit.  Drago wanted so badly to be outside but I only let him outside for about 15 minutes at a time.  He seemed disappointed when I ran an errand  and didn’t take him with me.

However, maybe he doesn’t mind not being outside too much.  As I type this post, he’s laying upside down on the love-seat in front of the airconditioner.  Every now and then his toes and tail twitch as if he’s dreaming about chasing a squirrel.  Maybe he’s outside in his dreams. 🙂  We’ll have to take a nice walk in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow before it gets hot again.  There are always lots of squirrels out at that time too…


A renewed energy

I started this blog site a few years ago and did not regulary maintain my posting content.  I have recently been feeling that I should try again, with more focus on my daily activities of life as a veterinarian.  SO…here goes.  Let me know what types of posts you most enjoy and I’ll try to keep up on them.

Ever wonder if your dog has the best life of any dog you know?  I don’t know if my dog Drago does, but he certainly is living the good life.  This week alone has been a whirlwind for him.  Let me share with you the schedule and activities we shared this past week:

Saturday – Drago “helped” me spring-clean my car.  Then we both travelled  to watch my sister play tennis.  He loves these trips because he gets to see my family but also he gets a frozen treat while we’re there to help keep his mind occupied.

Sunday – We went for a family hike in Gifford Pinchot State Park in Lewisburg PA.  If you’ve never been, you should definitely go.  There are miles and miles of trails amongst beautiful scenery.  Following our hike, we stoped at Reesor’s Icecream and had peanut-butter flavored soft icecream.  This was a nice refreshing snack after a warm afternoon hike!

Monday – Memorial Day brought about a trip to my parents farm to pick strawberries as it was the first day of strawberry season.  A trip to my parents house entails playing with their 3 labs, but mostly their 2 year old chocolate lab Cooper.  My my are the two of them trouble together.

Tuesday – Rest day.  I had to work and had a group meeting after work so Tueday was a much needed rest day.

Wednesday – During the day, we again went to my parents to pick strawberries so he was able to play with Cooper, Kuzco, and Rupert once again.  The bonus was chasing a bunny rabbitt through the fields too!  Wednesday nights currently Drago is in a nose-work class.  If ever you have an interest in nose-work, I would highly recommend you take a course with your dog.  This class is a highlight of my week.  It is so fun to see him work and to sniff out the scent tin each time!

Thursday – Another rest day.  I had to go to work early to perform a urinary ultrasound on a patient so Drago got to have an extra long nap.

Friday – Daycare Day!  Drago attends doggie daycare at Playful Pups Retreat in Elizabethtown, PA (the same place he does his nose-work course).  Here, he gets to run around and play with various other pets all day long.  Playful Pups posts photos on their Facebook page too so I get to peek at how much fun he may be having.  Incidentally, I pay attention to how many phots are posted in which he is laying down…I’m not paying for him to sleep somewhere else all day!  He’s a good boy and an energetic boy so there are few pictures of him staying still.

That, in my mind, was a busy week for Drago.  However, he somehow still manages to wake me up each morning by 6am to let me know he would like his breakfast.  But, I love him dearly, so I throw on some clothes and flip-flops and we wonder outside for the morning routine before breakfast.

What constitues a busy and tiring week for your pet? 


Drago mid-hike with my two sisters – @giffordpinchotstatepark