Last week I posted about the TNR group I work with. I mentioned how it’s nifty when I get to see cats they pulled off the streets and adopted out to clients who eventually come to my primary care practice, Animal Health Care Center of Hershey. Sometimes, we see them for illnesses before they are adopted out. Meet Frankie. Frankie must have been abandoned because what Flame-point Siamese is a bonafide stray? Frankie was taken in by PAWS. He was thin, under-conditioned and un-neutered. He was given lots of groceries and love. Last week, he developed vomiting and diarrhea. So much so that the pound he gained since being taken in had vanished. PAWs brought him into AHCC. One of our doctors attended to his care while he was hospitalized for a few days. He was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Medications to help reset his system were given and a dietary change was made. He went “home” to PAWS on Thursday.  I had another TNR clinic on Saturday at PAWS’ headquarters and got to see Frankie running around the great room. It is so good to see your patients feeling better and back to health. Assuming he continues to do well and gains his weight back, I’ll be neutering Frankie and cleaning up his teeth later this month. Clearly he doesn’t know these plans or I doubt he would have taken the following selfie of the both of us… ūüėČ



Welcome to the AHCC Blog!

Greetings! At the Animal Health Care Center of Hershey (AHCC), we have been looking to become more active online and have decided to explore the blog world.  Our vision is to provide you with helpful information, touching stories, and anything else you (our reader and clients) may want.

Our posts will be written by one of our veterinarians unless otherwise specified.  If you have a specific question you would like answered, feel free to comment here on our blog, or our facebook page or website.  We’ll do our best to answer and blog about your question as soon as we are able.

For our first blog I believe I should post about our practice in general.  Animal Health Care Center of Hershey (AHCC) was established by Dr. Kenworthy in 1989. Ever since the first day, our staff has worked hard to put compassionate patient care first and foremost followed closely by service-oriented client satisfaction.  We see all small mammals Рcats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more!  Appointments are available 6 days a week Рon weekdays appointments are available from 9am-noon and 2-8pm; Saturdays, we have appointments in the morning from 9-noon.  Surgery slots are available every day of the week РMonday through Friday.  

Our address is 948 East Chocolate Avenue, Hershey PA 17033.  

We’d love to see you and your pet! Please feel free to call our office at 717-533-6745.