Dog Days of Summer


I love summer, I really do.  What I don’t like about summer is having to leave Drago at home sometimes because it is too hot outside for him.  Drago lives for the outdoors.  He loves car rides too, and appears to enjoy people-watching from the car while I grocery shop.  Today, in Pennsylvania it was over 90 degrees farenheit.  Drago wanted so badly to be outside but I only let him outside for about 15 minutes at a time.  He seemed disappointed when I ran an errand  and didn’t take him with me.

However, maybe he doesn’t mind not being outside too much.  As I type this post, he’s laying upside down on the love-seat in front of the airconditioner.  Every now and then his toes and tail twitch as if he’s dreaming about chasing a squirrel.  Maybe he’s outside in his dreams. 🙂  We’ll have to take a nice walk in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow before it gets hot again.  There are always lots of squirrels out at that time too…