Activate Camouflage

Here’s a fun one…

My mother texted this picture to me today. Don’t mind the glare from the glass.  She told me to find Cooper. Cooper is my parents 3 year old mischievous Chocolate Labrador. So, there are obviously cows and also a black cat in this picture, but where is the lab? When you see him you’ll know…🤔😋😃


Dog Days of Summer


I love summer, I really do.  What I don’t like about summer is having to leave Drago at home sometimes because it is too hot outside for him.  Drago lives for the outdoors.  He loves car rides too, and appears to enjoy people-watching from the car while I grocery shop.  Today, in Pennsylvania it was over 90 degrees farenheit.  Drago wanted so badly to be outside but I only let him outside for about 15 minutes at a time.  He seemed disappointed when I ran an errand  and didn’t take him with me.

However, maybe he doesn’t mind not being outside too much.  As I type this post, he’s laying upside down on the love-seat in front of the airconditioner.  Every now and then his toes and tail twitch as if he’s dreaming about chasing a squirrel.  Maybe he’s outside in his dreams. 🙂  We’ll have to take a nice walk in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow before it gets hot again.  There are always lots of squirrels out at that time too…


Last week I posted about the TNR group I work with. I mentioned how it’s nifty when I get to see cats they pulled off the streets and adopted out to clients who eventually come to my primary care practice, Animal Health Care Center of Hershey. Sometimes, we see them for illnesses before they are adopted out. Meet Frankie. Frankie must have been abandoned because what Flame-point Siamese is a bonafide stray? Frankie was taken in by PAWS. He was thin, under-conditioned and un-neutered. He was given lots of groceries and love. Last week, he developed vomiting and diarrhea. So much so that the pound he gained since being taken in had vanished. PAWs brought him into AHCC. One of our doctors attended to his care while he was hospitalized for a few days. He was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Medications to help reset his system were given and a dietary change was made. He went “home” to PAWS on Thursday.  I had another TNR clinic on Saturday at PAWS’ headquarters and got to see Frankie running around the great room. It is so good to see your patients feeling better and back to health. Assuming he continues to do well and gains his weight back, I’ll be neutering Frankie and cleaning up his teeth later this month. Clearly he doesn’t know these plans or I doubt he would have taken the following selfie of the both of us… 😉